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Clips and trailers from episodesDark Intruder



The Ruton meets the Doctor


The Mutations

Episode three clip

 Terror of the Zylons

Opening scene of the very first zylon story

 Space Hijack

The Cybermen set the Scorpion on a collision course

Evil of the Cybermen

The Cybermen hold the Doctor's companion and TARDIS. Comes with full closing titles


Part two cliffhanger

 Menace of the Daleks

Davros is informed that his project is to be shut down

The Crucible of Terror


Regeneration (Music only...taken from The Andromeda Syndrome)

The Day of the Daleks

First episode where the Doctor begins his battles with suspension bridges.

(This episode is completely unremastered and appears exactly as it did in 1984)

Robots of Doom


Museum Du' Sontaran

Part two opening scene

Revenge of the Daleks

Episode one

The Ultimate Weapon

Opening part three
The "legendary" air lock incident that the Doctor constantly reminds Comdr. Mark Triyad about.


Small clip from part one

Princess Tasha's coronation and attack

Invasion of the Ceatons

Clip from story and short interview.
Taken from Doctor Who 20th Anniversary compilation in 1984

Time Renegades

The Sontarans create their first advanced clone

Incident at Willow Falls

Part three opening, with incorrect (Vincent Savage) opening.

Clips from each of the episodes. Compiled and remastered by John Parr

Episode one
Episode two
Episode three
Episode four

Conquest of Time

Part five opening scene

Dark Intruder

Episode one

Target Zylon

Unused trailer



Time's Champions

Rachel Sommers blasphemies "blasphemy"

DeNatale has an opinion about the writer writing tongue twisters

Project Alpha

Chiyo bloopers with music


Due to the age of some of the material, quality may vary.

Title Sequences
(In Windows Media format)

Vincent Savage first opening
Vincent Savage first closing
Vincent Savage second opening
Vincent Savage second closing
Grainer opening
Grainer closing
Howell opening
Howell closing
Glynn opening
Glynn closing
McCoy opening
McCoy closing
McGann opening
McGann opening alternate
McGann closing
Gold opening
Gold closing
Gold closing alternate

DWAD Year 25

Barbieri unused opening titles



After the Quest Scene 7
James K Flynn as a bad guy

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