The Doctor Who Audio Dramas Image Gallery


Vincent Savage

Doctor Who

Alternate costume

At the console

Artist conception

Another costume


David Segal

Doctor Who

Working at the console

Artist conception

Jeffrey Coburn

Doctor Who

Jeffrey Coburn

Agent's publicity photo


Artist conception

 Jym DeNatale

Doctor Who

Artist conception

James K. Flynn

Doctor Who

Control room


James K. Flynn as the Doctor

James K. Flynn as King Arthur with Lucia Stetson as the Lady of the Lake

R. Douglas Barbieri

Doctor Who

"Fixing" the TARDIS

Publicity photo

Publicity photo

Steven Tyer

Dr. Kevin Vasavious

Mary Wray


Samantha Keith

Princess Tasha

Karen Tyler

Susie Jo Parker 

Sheri Devine

At Gallifrey '96

Dara Hamilton

Darlin' Lil

Sheri appears as Carrie at Knott's Halloween Haunt

Rachel Sommers

Rachel Sommers 

Rachel as Lady Fawn

Another portrait

A young Rachel

Karen Holliday

Moira Skye

Lee Sands

Charlie Hawkins

Shawnie Miles

Robin "Robbie" Peterson

Amy Ferrell

Karly Jacobs, age 10

Karly, 18

Karly, 30

Karly, 40

Karly, 90


Amber Rack

Camille Aine

Camille in the Tardis

Image credits: Matthew Chambers

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