The Doctor Who Audio Dramas Image Gallery

Publicity Shots

Publicity photo from Terror on Terra

Jeffrey Coburn and Sheri Devine

The Doctor and Dara Hamilton

John Levine poses with the cast from the Doctor Who Audio Dramas

Another shot of Jeff and Sheri together

The Doctor

Publicity shot for the 31st season

The Doctor and Christine

DeNatale and Sommers

Jeffrey Coburn and Rachel Sommers

The Master

One of the first designs for Jym DeNatale's costume

James K. Flynn and Rachel Sommers

Season 34 poster

Tim Stackpool (Surgeon John Peddie:
Terror in the Arctic) poses with Dalek

Coburn and Devine

Five Doctors wallpaper

Season 36 publicity
The Doctor (Coburn) in the console room

Image credits: Robert Dunlop, Mathew Chambers

Last updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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