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Inside the TARDIS
Listing of the Doctors and those he travelled with

Handbooks and References


David Segal Handbook

Jeffrey Coburn Handbook


Misc. thoughts on comments on the Coburn era


Scripts and Novels

Nightmare in Limbo

Script to Vincent Savage two episode story with companions Mark Newman and Bill Sanderson

The Galaxy Being

Script to Vincent Savage story with companion Kathy Williams.

The Last Colony

This is an aborted novel of the DWAD starring David Segal, Karen Tyler, Greg Hamner, and Cile Whitticker. Due to schedule restraints, the novel never got past episode one. We present it here as a look at what might have been. Although, who knows, the book might eventually be finished

Radio 2000 alt ending

Two endings were written for Radio 2000, the alternate was where Christine left the Doctor. Here is the script to that final scene

Some of these files are old and quality will vary

Jeffrey Coburn - Timetalk interview Sheri Devine - Timetalk interview
John S. Drew - Timetalk interview David Segal - Timetalk interview
Rachel Sommers - Timetalk interview Roundtable - This is a much abridged version of the Timetalk presentation appearing on the Doctor Who: The Webs of Time CD
Julio Ortiz - Timetalk interview Lee Sands - Timetalk interview
R. Douglas Barbieri - Rather Odd Productions interview hosted by Lee Sands. They even mention the DWADs! Michael Wade - Timetalk interview

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