The Crimson Scarab

Daniel Burnett

January 8, 2000

What can one say? From the very beginning the viewer is thrust into a spiral of adventure! The crashing craft, a mysterious scarab. A dastardly German officer. Is this the next Phantom movie? The sequel to The Mummy? Or has Indianna Jones gone "2000"?

Nay! Although if you were to compare such classics to The Crimson Scarab you wouldn't be far off. Such a wonderful, adventurous style is always a pleasure to watch and one of my personal favourite styles. So when the Doctor was thrust into World War II to recover an alien weapon that could assist the Nazis to win World War II, I was on the edge of my seat and shouting for more!

As usual Jeff Coburn's performance as the Doctor is simply stunning and is allowed to shine with some depth at last. From his hillarious German officer impersonation, to at the mercy of Skmike, a power crazed Nazi, we at last saw the Doctor at his best. Struggling for life in one instant, portraying a chilling hopelessness to nearly being strangled, to comedically fumbling his way into otherwise normal situations.

But the stunning characterization on part of Paul Ebbs doesn't stop there! By no means! Even the alien foes, the Mendarkans are given witty and all too realistic lines and situations! The deadly ruthlessness that almost parallels the Nazis own attitudes to some excellent scenes in our frosty oceans. "So Cold." These were the "Bug eyed" villains you could understand, hate and love all in one bundle. Which is excellent to see, especially for alien enemies.

And the human bad guy? What would a World War II story be doing without a power crazed Nazi? In this instance we see the typically "Power obsessed" Skmike, who is desperate for control of the Scarab. As the story draws on his insanity deepens and he is truly convinced of his invincability!

But fear not! Not all the characters are "Bug Eyed" and Power crazed! As with these sorts of Adventure tales, a great deal of humour in the good guys is provided. With the owner of Cassablanca, to that wonderful Irishman (despite the laughable attempt at the accent.) "Still can't stand magicians!" Oh and of course, the annoying, larger then life Reporter is present to, if anything else, get in the way?!

As you may have deducted, I enjoyed this story thuroughly! Not a dull moment and some wonderful adventure sequences with top notch acting! Paul Ebbs and the Everlasting Films group really have excelled themselves this time! So let's all give them a pat on the back for providing such an excellent story to their wide range of Dr. Who entertainment! Breath-taking!

Last updated: Saturday. January 8, 2000