Era of Decay

Harry Westergaard

November 2014

When I listened to the trailer to Era of Decay, I was amazed.  Sure, some of the acting was flat (which I found out was because that is how the Rhema act.) But the acting of the Harbinger was fantastic, and the writing for the scene used on the trailer was very powerful, and the sound effects were great. So I of course was highly anticipating this episode. So, what are my thoughts on Era of Decay? Was it a hit or a miss? Well, I think it was defiantly a hit. Part one to start off with moved at a slow pace, but kept me engaged. The scenes on the Rhema spaceship reminded me of early David Segal audio dramas. The scenes on earth started out sort of boring, but got more interesting once we got radio accounts of people who had seen the Doctor. Sort of like Love and Monsters. It got more interesting as we found out that the TARDIS was across the street. Eventually when the shop runner, Camille follows the Doctor in there, the storyís pace quickens. Camille is a good new companion. While she can be whiney at some times, I find her character to be a lot like Donna Noble, Whom I really loved. Letís hope she stays good, and improves with time. The Doctor himself was good here, and while James K. Flynn will always be my favorite, Barbieri is probably a good second. While a lot say heís like Hartnell, I find him to be more like Colin Baker or Capaldi. I like how he can very powerful and stubborn, as he is here, and Colin like, and nice and caring, around kids mostly, and Matt Smith like.  Here, he is very powerful. As he should be, itís the fate of the universe at state.  The Harbinger was a fantastic character. You could tell that he had a big heart, but at the same time would not let people get in the way of his experiments. He was acted very well, and he really did bring up some questions if the Doctor was in the right on this one. Of course, we know The Doctor is in the right, as the Harbinger wants to end reality, but still he gave some great points. The Patron was also fantastic. He had a good backstory, and had good reasons to be on both sides, but in the end, like us he wanted the universe to live on. The Patron regenerates half way through, and is voiced this time by veteran Lee Sands. Or at least I think he is, I canít be sure. I how heís the same as first one, but different at the same time, like with his metaphors. You can tell he accepts humans a bit more now. I do like his first incarnation, and he was acted fantastically. Both were great in the end. The Rhema were an interesting concept, and I found the idea of their races purpose to explore fascinating.  The episode moved at a quick pace, and although each episode was 41 minutes, each flew by and felt like 24. After a bit, it can feel a bit like they are just running around the Harbingerís TARDIS, but I think these scenes were good because they gave the characters time to develop. I really liked the use of Jerry Goldsmithís Star Trek: First Contact score. A fantastic score on itís own, and it was used fantastically here. Just as good as it was in the actual film.  In conclusion, Era of Decay is a really good story. The characters are great, the writing is superb, the acting is powerful, and the music is fantastic. I am overall going to give Era of Decay a 9/10.  I highly recommend it and if you are new to the DWADS this is a great start.