Hortima Prime

James Quick

November 2007

Episode 1 Grade: A-
Episode 2 Grade: A
Episode 3 Grade: A+

Episode 1: Let me say I love James K. Flynn's performances so far! He's just that lovable figure that has the great voice that speaks to you on so many different levels! The story is actually good. This is much better than most of the new series (though, Matthews is just the kind of character I'd like to body slam some sense into). The villains are very good. But the voices remind me too much of the Ruton from Portal. Ants, giant ants. Is Vortis in the Hortima system, d'ya think? Maybe Hortima is the system that houses ginormus bugs? I think so, I think these acid-spitting ants may be related to the Zarbi or possibly the Zylons. OMG! I think these ARE the Zylons! If they are, splee! My 1st Zylon story! But I do hope that the Doctor gets to investigate that hole...

Episode 2: That was a good one. Matthews is *sshole of the year and his crew rebels! BRILLIANT! I finally get that the ants are called Thraskeen, I thought their leader was called that name and they weren't named. But the acid thing is cool.

Episode 3: This ended so well, and I finally understand who the Thraskeen is. The ants should be called Acid Minions. The captain ended nicely. I'm moving onto Space Trap now.

Last updated: Friday, November 30, 2007