Shadow of the Dragon

Michael Thompson

April 2000

Another classic tale from Everlasting Films! I happened to listen to the first episode of this story on the same day I listened to the last episode of Land of the Dead. I'm afraid that during LOTD, I was getting fidgety and my attention would wander; it was a quality story, but with far too much padding. By contrast, Shadow of the Dragon had me gripped from the beginning, and held my attention throughout.

The story is not the most original, with many plot elements typical of Doctor Who. An original plot does not matter nearly as much as how it is carried out, and Shadow carries the plot out beautifully. The story transported me completely to its future setting, with plenty of little details that separated it from the present day. I honestly could believe that I was hearing a story in Earth's future.

The Doctor and Christine play off each other very well; I enjoyed their dialogue thoroughly. All of the parts were played very well, though the first episode cliffhanger was a little over the top. The voice of the Dragon was particularly chilling, and Simon Weir sounded the perfect madman!

At one point, I was afraid that the story was about to descend into fanwank; a reference was made to a late Tom Baker story, a reference which turned out to be crucial to the plot. I cringed inwardly when I first heard THAT WORD; fortunately, the element from that story is handled intelligently and tastefully, keeping Shadow well above the ranks of so many fan productions.

This is a good, solid tale told extremely well. Minus one point for borrowed plot elements, but still outstanding. 9 out of 10.

George Wells

January 2013

Slightly less traditional. Set in a modern England, the first two episodes were really promising, intriguing to me, but I felt it fell apart a bit towards the end. This story starts well and is good except for the ending (the last episode or so). 7.5/10

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