Space Trap

Captain Patch

June 2006

Ironically, for an audio drama dated from the first half of the 1990ís, Space Trap has a lot in common with some of the recent BBC 9th-Doctor televised episodes: itís light on plot and works largely as a relationship story. We are introduced to Captain Lars Dillion, the brother of the Doctorís companion Tarrance Dillion, and itís his story that is the most powerful and captivating part of this drama. There are a couple of scenes featuring the Dillions that to this day rank among the best that the DWADs have recorded. We also get a heaping spoonful of frustration, as the Doctor tries and fails to protect the Canisians from an attack by an old enemy. The plot is simple, but somehow manages to keep the listener on the edge of his seat throughout. The acting is good, but the age of the recording and relatively primitive (by todayís standards) production values keep it short of being a hall-of-fame outing. The only other complaint (and it's a mild one) is that Susie Jo once again falls short as a companion; sheís become less of a factor over time, as though the writers simply donít know what to do with her.

Overall, Space Trap is a good relationship story, short and simple but extremely powerful, held back by early-90ís production values but an extremely worthwhile listen; I liked it a lot. Space Trap earns an 8/10.

Daniel Burnett

October 1998

One of the earlier stories that Everlasting films has put together is not entirely a bad one. The story was made in 1990(ish) and for it's time it was not entirely bad. In this story we see David Segal in the role of The Doctor. His performance was not exceptional, however I did grow a likeness to him over time. Now I must say here and now that this story has the Cybermen. I have seen many fan stories die in their vain attampt to include a popular monster. This was not the case with this tale. The only bad thing about these Cybermen that I can think of is that they resemble those in Revenge Of The Cybermen. Whoever played the Cyberleader was far better than whoever did play the Cyberleader in Revenge as well. Certain ideas that were introduced were also quite intriguing. The golden gun seemed odd, and the last episode had me glued to my seat (or earphones.)

Some bad points of this production was that it was obvious when a scene would change or the music would stop, you could hear a clicking sound. Also episode two was a bit short, which disappointed me somewhat but for something that was made in 1990 that is pretty good.

All in all the story had a fun pace to it, strongly resembled Doctor Who and I certainly will take furthur interest in the David Segal series.

Last updated: Saturday, June 24, 2006