Terror on Terra

Captain Patch

July 2006

My top ten favourite things about Terror on Terra:

10. The title itself. Terror on Terra is short and to the point; it sets the mood without giving anything away.

9. I really got a kick out of one key character who never actually appeared in this story: the facilities manager of the Kaiser Corporation. I think he may be in the wrong line of work. It’s never a good sign when an invading alien forces builds a major base, including a space fleet hanger, under your building. Looks real bad come annual-review time.

8. Professor DuPree's memorable for his humanity...he’s in over his head, he knows it, and he acts pretty realistically. Though he’s a humorous character, he goes beyond comic relief; nicely done.

7. StarFleet and the Federation; though I’m not particularly a fan of crossovers, the “Star Fleet Universe” provides a nice background, both in terms of story backdrop and sound/special effects. And considering that there is some evidence that Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 take place in the same universe, I find it delightful to consider that the Federation of Star Trek and Blake’s 7 might just be one and the same….

6. The Tardis's Transporter Room. It was introduced at least as far back as The Andromeda Syndrome, and it's back…it was odd at first, but honestly, why not? If it can travel through Time and Space, and be bigger on the inside than out the outside, transportation should be child’s play.

5. The writer. Thomas Himinez is extremely versatile, but these epic space adventures seem to be his specialty. It can’t be easy bringing such a topic to audio (see #2), but he always pulls it off nicely.

4. The Zylons. The introduction of the “warrior class” of Zylons, eight-foot-tall insectoids that feed off of human flesh….now we’re talking about a monster!

3. The Doctor. David Segal is at the top of his game, demonstrating why his Doctor lasted as long as he did. Despite how long ago Segal’s tenure as the Doctor was, and the relatively primitive production tools available to the staff, his stories remain enjoyable and entertaining; while there are many reasons this is true, Segal’s performance is very high on that list.

2. The director (Thomas Himinez in double-duty) and his production staff pull of the near-impossible; they are able to do an action-filled space battle on audio, and make it work.

1 Mark Triyad. Here’s a guy who’s likeable because he’s really not all that likeable. He’s arrogant, impatient, short-tempered, blunt, and he’s willing to sacrifice dozens of innocent lives to succeed in his mission…granted the mission is to save all life on earth, but he writes off those lives pretty quickly. That he’s loyal, dedicated, scrupulously honest, and dignified allow his character flaws to be charming. Peter Hinchman has commanding presence, so is an ideal choice to bring this character to life. Commander Triyad is a fascinating addition to the TARDIS crew and I'm looking forward to seeing how he will interact with the Doctor over the next couple of seasons.

Last updated: Sunday,July 9, 2006