The Time Traveller

Harry Westergaard

October 2014

Multi-Doctor stories are a bit of a difficult thing for audio dramas. Because not being able to see anything, it relies on really good writing to differentiate the characters. And this story has just that. Good writing by James Durkin, who has contributed to the audio dramas before. This is the first story of his I have listened to, but that is soon to change. His writing keeps you engaged from the first line to the sting of the ending credits. Its great to see not only The Doctors returning, but the companions as well are good to see back. Highlights include Sheri Devine as Dara Hamilton, Shawnie Miles as Robbie, and I was really happy to see Mark Triyad back. The acting from about everyone in this colossal cast was great, and I could tell that everyone was having loads of fun! The Doctors are also good, although, the cover shows Vincent Savage, even though heís only in one scene. To be fair, that one scene is really important to the plot. But it is all made up for with the five doctors that are in it. They are all great! However there is one problem I have with the cast. And that is that I am almost certain that the future doctor and the David Segal Doctor are both played by David Segal. Now Iím not saying that this is a bad thing, as he nails both roles, however I found myself getting them mixed up occasionally. I think that this is a good illustration of Segalís range, however I feel that maybe another actor couldíve been found, or maybe they couldíve done better to differentiate them. But as I said before, he is great in both roles. Other returning actors, Jim DeNatale, James K. Flynn and current Doctor, R. Douglas Barbieri are also great. Each doctor gets a fair amount of time, however another slight nitpick I have is that all of the other Doctors just seem to sort of disappear, then Barbieri takes over and stands off to the future doctor. I like these scenes, and I think that Barbieri and him have good chemistry together. But anyways, at the end each doctorís loose end is tied up.(including the future doctorís) even though I like this, I kind of wouldíve liked all of the doctors to meet up with Barbieri, but the ending is still satisfying. Overall, despite a few small nitpicks, I love this story. The plot is great; the cast is fantastic and the story just breezes by. This is one of those seven parters (like Inferno and Doctor Who and the Silurians.) that absorbs you into the world of it and makes you love the characters, and when the credits rolls at the end, you just donít want to leave them. Overall, I would give this story a 9/10. With a great story, characters, and acting. This is highly recommended not only for longtime DWAD fans, but also for newcomers! Highly recommended!