David Segal Series

Space Trap

Written by DWAD

Episode 130

Season 26 – Production code 10C65

Written by Gerry David and Debbie Johnson.

Cybermen. Their very name strikes fear across the galaxy.

Since time immemorial have these metal beings of evil threatened all life. Yet from out of their terror, something does come good. An alliance of planets pledged to fight them to the very last. And from this alliance stands the planet Canis: the greatest threat the Cybermen have yet faced.

But not even eternal vigilance can stop the Cybermen. They have plotted…and planned…and now, their time of fruition has come.

If even the mighty Canis can not stop the Cybermen now, who indeed can ever stand up to them?

The line has been drawn. The last battlefield set.

Will the Canasians be able to deploy their Golden Ray in time? Or will the Cybermen be able to infiltrate their ranks with a new and devastating chameleon in what will be only the first of a new wave of devastating attacks across the galaxy?

Now even the Doctor is not sure who is on his side.

Running time: 67 minutes.

Part one
Part two
Part three

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