David Segal Series

The Un-Men

Written by DWAD

Episode 133

Season 27 – Production code 10C68

Written by William Helson

“The reasons for the war have changed.”

“Why are you bombing your own people?!”

“I think. I feel emotion. I have wants, needs.”

“We shall never have peace as long as we have the enemy!”

“Evacuate complex! Incoming fire! All personnel evacuate complex!”

“I’ll stay…”

The attacks continue long into the night. A hospital, a school, all destroyed. And still the attacks come. The enemy is relentless…or so the people are told.

The Doctor, Susie Jo, and Comdr. Triyad know differently.

On a planet that is rabidly anti-technology, the war has already been won and lost. But still the attacks come…only this time the reasons for the war have changed, and only genocide can be the answer.

Running time 62 minutes

Part one
Part two
Part three

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