Jeffrey Coburn Series

The Seventh Dungeon of Drakmoore

Written by DWAD

Episode 151

Season 31 – Production code 32D16

Written by Thomas Himinez

In the 13th century, Henry III may have sat on the throne of England, but it was the barons who ruled the land. Some were kind, some corrupt. Most had their eye on the crown for themselves…but one had help.

Unnatural help.

Gargaman of Drakmoore poured his armies forth across the land…no one was able to stand before his might. Some called him a sorcerer, others said he had signed a pact with the devil. Perhaps both were right.

Those who stood against him would taste the cold steel of his sword. Some, however, suffered a worse fate. There are terrible stories about the dungeons of Drakmoore. Unspeakable horrors. And beyond the dungeons, past the dank cells that held the dead and dying, was the seventh dungeon. The dungeon where Gargaman’s evil rested. Where men faced the truth behind the power of Drakmoore…and lost their souls.

Running time 72 minutes

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