Jeffrey Coburn Series

Shadow of the Dragon

Written by DWAD

Episode 152

Season 31 – Production code 20D17

Written by Lance Hall

For untold millennia, the dragons ruled the skies of every known world. It was only after a great war were these powerful creatures finally able to be destroyed…except for one. This lone survivor was captured and banished to the nether regions outside of time and space, imprisoned forever.

Or so the Time Lords thought.

The ages passed, and the dragon waited, plotting his revenge…waiting for someone to enter his domain and free him.

Finally, someone came.

The fate of all life now rests with a renegade Time Lord cut off from his own people and a confused young girl from the middle ages cut off from the world she knew.

The time grows late. The dragon extends his wing.

Running time 88 minutes

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

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