Jeffrey Coburn Series

Radio 2000

Written by DWAD

Episode 153

Season 31 – Production code 10D18

Written by John S. Drew

The aftermath of World War III. Chaos. The breakdown of society.

What would you give up to live a normal life? Your freedom? Your planet?

In the years that followed mankind’s greatest holocaust, a single leader emerges to rule the Earth with his iron fist. There is but a single voice which speaks out against him: that is the voice of Radio 2000.

But some people believe in Milan’s rule. Some believe that it will take the disipline of a dictator to save the Earth from itself. And some are willing to stop at nothing to silence the voice of freedom which eminates from the lone station, high in orbit above the Earth.

The Doctor and Christine find themselves involved in a revolt where the stakes are far greater than just who will live at Number 10. Far greater indeed.

And there is a third party…waiting just outside the solar system…watching.

Running time 111 minutes

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Part five

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