Jeffrey Coburn Series

The Chronic Rift

Written by DWAD

Episode 155

Season 31 – Production code 16D20

Written by John S. Drew

While the Doctor is showing Christine the botanical gardens in New York City, in nearby space, an experiment goes horribly wrong. Suddenly, dimensions begin to mix together. Creatures and beings from different Earths are thrust together! And Christine suddenly vanishes before the Doctor’s eyes!

Ordinary and extraordinary people are ripped from the Earths they knew and suddenly find themselves on a world they know to be their own, but isn’t. They must work together to stay alive long enough as the Doctor tries to find a way to close the rift and save not only one universe, but all of them.

It is the Doctor’s greatest crisis yet! And it may take everything the Doctor has to stop the rift before it consumes all…everything!

Running time 126 minutes

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six

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