Jym DeNatale Series

The Perfection Society

Written by DWAD

Episode 156

Season 32 – Production code 22E1

Written by John S. Drew

Fleeing an Earth corrupted by passions, cruelty, and hatred, the people of Kelos III sought to create the perfect society. But how could man overcome his very basic nature unless it was bred out of him?

A century after their society was established, the people of Kelos thought they had finally succeeded. A colony of genetically perfect humans anyone born or who would be born imperfect was subject to vaporization.

When the Doctor and Christine arrive, they find a society where only perfect life is valuable and the imperfect are hunted down as so much animal fodder, an infection that needs to be stamped out before it corrupts their world.

Can the Doctor save a society whose zeal for perfection will ultimately lead to their own extinction? Or will time run out as Christine is branded an imperfect and led away for vaporization before the Doctor’s very eyes?

Running time 117 minutes

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Part two
Part three
Part four

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