Jym DeNatale Series

Time’s Champions

Written by DWAD

Episode 161

Season 33 – Production code 16E6

Written by Robin-Mary Manseth

“What is the meaning of this attack?!”

“I thought our meaning was quite clear.”

“We have done nothing to you. We bother no one, offend no one…”

“Your very existence is offensive, Elder. We have tolerated your offence because you offered something to us. But you betrayed us. You thought you could slip away into the sea of time. But you won’t. We’ve left this city until last. I want you to see everything as your world is destroyed. Every burned out building, every charred body. And I wanted you to know that I did it. That’s why I’ve come. To take one last look at your ugly face, and remember its expression as each city was burned to the ground.

“Klent, status?”

“The cities of Farmount and Vishell have been destroyed. Attack fleet redeployed to engage outlying civilian population centres. Scans indicate refugees fleeing to the mountains or nearby cities.”

“Contact the Telemites, inform them that the Garidanians are theirs for the taking. But be quick about it. We’re going to thermo-bomb the planet when we’re done.”

“Yes, captain.”

“Peaceful life, Elders.”

Running time 291 minutes

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