James K. Flynn Series

Object Permanence

Written by DWAD

Episode 162

Season 33 – Production code 17F1

Written by Julio Angel Ortiz

Things change…

In the small seaside town of Middleshire, in the late-nineteenth century, life is at a turning point. The fishermen are finding it more and more difficult to make catches. The birds and other wildlife appear to be migrating away, as though something were scaring them. No one has made contact with the outside world for some time… and no one is really concerned about it. Buildings and objects around town that some claim to have been standing for years are unfamiliar to others. And then, there’s that storm that is coming…

During all of this, a man comes, stumbling down the road that leads out of town. A man called the Doctor- injured, unable to remember quite who he is or what lead him to Middle shire. He knows that something horrible has happened to Christine. He knows that the TARDIS is gone. But he can’t remember what caused all of this… and if the same thing is destroying Middle shire.

Soon, he has murders to solve. But what do they have to do with the changes occurring throughout the town, or a little girl named Cassandra who appears to see visions of the murders as they happen? Why has Nerice Fetner, newly arrived in town, taken such an interest in little Cassandra? And what is the secret of the dollhouse in Cassandra’s closet?

Alone, injured, and desperate, the Doctor must discover the answers. Fast. Because, this time, the maelstrom of events in which the Doctor finds himself will cost more than he ever feared.

Running time 83 minutes

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Part two
Part three
Part four

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