James K. Flynn Series

Emblems of Darkness

Written by DWAD

Episode 163

Season 33 – Production code 19F2

Written by Julio Angel Ortiz

Puerto Rico, 1901. It has been three years since the end of the Spanish-American war. In its aftermath, the island is adjusting to life under the control of a new government. Life goes on…or does it? Into this unsure time, the Doctor and Christine find themselves drawn into a whirlwind of strange events.

On the farm of a gentle and kind man named Orlando, calves are found dead, horribly and ritualistcally mutilated. On their bodies, runes and symbols have been carved, forming the design of a dark work.

On a clear night, the home of an known occultist is decimated by what appears to be a violent tornado…yet none of the near-by homes were damaged. And among the wreckage, the body of a United States Senator is found, completely untouched, when just an hour prior this same senator had only arrived onto the island, many miles away.

A murder attempt. An army captain bent on serving justice, no matter what the costs. The sacrifice of a young woman. Rising political tensions between island natives and US soldiers. Animal mutilations. And a dead senator.

The Doctor needs to discover how all of these pieces fit, before the pattern of darkness overtakes him.

But, as he soon discovers, it’s already too late.

Running time 156 minutes

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