James K. Flynn Series

Terror of the Arctic

Written by DWAD

Episode 164

Season 33 – Production code 20F3

Written by Richard Franklin

After receiving a distress signal from a dimensional void, The Doctor and Christine are lead to the 19th Century Arctic where they become involved in one of history’s great unsolved mysteries.

They soon discover a pair of British sailing vessels trapped in the ice. The crews are dying one by one despite the fact that the crewmen are healthy and have an abundance of supplies, shelter and food. The Doctor, perplexed by the unexplained deaths as well as the distress signal, pledges his aid.

Unfortunately the crews do not trust The Doctor and Christine and suspect they are behind the mysterious deaths. Their case is not aided when they are found standing over the body of a crewman.

The situation worsens with disappearances, time disruptions, and a hunt across a barren wasteland. Then they discover the real trouble.

The Doctor and Christine must save themselves and the crews, but history is working against them. The year is 1848, this is Sir John Franklin’s expedition to discover the Northwest Passage and there were no survivors.

Running time 192 minutes

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