James K. Flynn Series

Iron Legion

Written by DWAD

Episode 167

Season 34 – Production code 11G2

Written by Raymond De Long and David Segal

In the Books of Old, the Doctrines and Covenants by which we live are laid out for all to know and take to heart. Obedience is Life, and Life comes from Obedience. Those who disobey face Annihilation.

It is through obedience that our crops will grow, that goods are produced, and our society will function. And it is through our strict duty to the Covenants laid out by our forefathers that the Sleeper will not awaken.

Tend to your tasks. Do not look at the Temple. Do not speak of the Terror. And the Dothan will not return.

Running time 78 minutes

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Part two
Part three

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