James K. Flynn Series

Project Alpha

Written by DWAD

Episode 168

Season 34 – Production code 13G3

Written by Richard Franklin

Welcome esteemed members of the United Nations. I’m Dr. Rita Fine, one of the minds behind Project Alpha – the next stage in human development. If you decide to approve us, this experiment will leapfrog humanity’s evolution centuries ahead of its time. Faster, stronger, healthier, smarter, better, that’s what we’ll become. Sooner rather than later. We’ll be able to accomplish anything! Including peace and harmony across the world! Project Alpha will bring Nations together as never before! United in one purpose, one goal, the betterment of humanity!


Sally? Is that you? Thank goodness! This is Rita Fine. Yes, I know I’m interrupting a meeting but you need to shut up and listen to me! I don’t have much time! It’s all gone wrong! They’re much more powerful than we ever imagined! Project Alpha has become a danger to the world! Yes…he is dead. They did it! It was them, not me! They made me do it! They killed my husband and now they’re coming for me! You have to send help! Sally, please send UNIT! What? What was that? They’re here! No! Don’t you come near me! Noooo!

Running time 91 minutes

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Part three

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