James K. Flynn Series

Hortima Prime

Written by DWAD

Episode 169

Season 34 – Production code 13DWA169

Written by Paul Clement

Captain’s log: We have landed on the planet Hortima Prime, a new planet in the Hortima system. We are responding to a distress call from the colonists who recently landed there. This this time, however, we have received no further contact…at least from the colonists, that is. I can’t help but feel that we are being watched. Scouting parties report no sign of any of the colonists nor other life forms, yet I can’t help shake this feeling. And I swear I can hear voices. But it must be my imagination. Too many long trips stuck inside a tin can makes the mind play tricks on people.

I’ve decided to take a party to what appears to be a set of ruins in the distance. If the colonists are anywhere, they might be there. At least, that’s where I would go for shelter. I will report back anything I find immediately upon my return.


Captain’s log, Lt. Matthews reporting. The captain has not returned from his scouting expedition. Several other crew members have disappeared as well. In his absence, let the record show that I am assuming command. I am setting the ship on alter and have ordered the crew to being caring sidearms in the event of hostilities. It is my opinion that some of the crew have deserted to join the colonists in rebellion against the home planet. Some of the remaining crew may also be planning to join them. I swear can hear voices whispering in the corridors…

Running time 86 minutes

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Part two
Part three

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