James K. Flynn Series


Written by DWAD

Episode 172

Season 35 – Production code 11DWA172

Written by Kryon Mallett

“Now, all my young Dookies and Duchesses,
Take warning from what I do say
Mind all is your own as you touchesses,
Or you’ll join us in Botany Bay.”

– Stephens and Yardley, Botany Bay, 1885

It’s Sydney Town, 1795, an isolated penal settlement less than a decade old and bitterly divided along class and racial lines. Survival, let alone success, is not yet assured. The natives have been driven out of the cove and the first emancipated convicts are now taking up land selections. But how much do these European castaways know about what lurks in a truly alien environment?

“If you don’t let me go Governor, everyone in this colony will be dead within the next week.”

– The Doctor

A well meaning but inept Governor, his resilient daughter, an elitist and racist marine garrison, a “civilised” native trapped between the European and Aboriginal worlds, a fallen aristocrat, a light-fingered urchin from the streets of London, and two mysterious visitors from elsewhere, are about to face an adversary older than the land itself…an adversary which has been growing unchecked on the lost continent at the edge of the world for over a millennia.

“There are no innocents aside from my children, Doctor. The Quinkins are to rid this place of the outsiders. You should not have interfered. Seize the Doctor, my children. Seize him! The Doctor must die!!!”

– The Dreamer

Running time 86 minutes


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