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Episode DW5

Season 37 – Production code 38DW5

Written by Julio Angel Ortiz and Robin-Mary Manseth.  And Thomas Himinez and Dusty McRee.  And David Segal, Charles Danbee, and Steve Boyer.  What? there’s more?  Sheryl Mckinley, Belinda Montero, Stanley Rankins…I think they’re just making this stuff up now.  Sharon Littlefield & Velma Strother.  Alan Meadows, Jeffrey Sartin. I’m not getting paid by the word you know!  Jodi Donahue, Dianne Luke, Beverly Howarth…  Aw nuts to this.  And a whole lot of other people!

The Doctor is faced with a wrenching choice, the outcome of which will decide the fate not only of himself, but of his companion as well.

A Doctor Who April Fool

Running time 5 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes, and 18 seconds.  That’s just a rough estimate.  It may be a smidge shorter than that.

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