R. Douglas Barbieri Series

Legacy of the Zylons

Written by DWAD

Episode 184

Season 37 – Production code 20DWA184

Written by Thomas Himinez

It has been five years since the end of the Zylon war. During that time, the enemy has retreated to their part of space and have not been heard from since. Territory captured by the Zylons has been recaptured by Galaxy Garrison. Star Cruisers continue to patrol the border between Spica Quadrant and the Zylon Empire. However, patrol duty is more akin to Combat Patrol and ships are often left on duty for long periods of time. Command has also required continuous war readiness and training, placing a strain on military personnel. Except for no longer getting shot at, everything seems to continue as if the war was still on.

For some, the war never ended. For everyone else, war threatens to return, whether they want it or not.

Running time 101 minutes


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Part four

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