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Here is an example of a treatment, or rough draft, for part one of The Last Colony:The Last Colony – by Robin-Mary Manseth

Part One

Deep in space, the Doctor is looking though volumes of information, trying to locate a place called Outpost Omega. His companions have been left clueless as to what his intention are, as he has locked the control panel and sequestered himself and K/9. Landon and Dillion are suspicious, but are unable to gain entry to the primary control room where the Doctor has sequestered himself.

Finally, the Doctor finds the information he wants by tapping into Gallifrey’s database. In the meantime, Landon and Dillion finally get past Susie Jo who was keeping them out by the Doctor’s request, and they discover what the Doctor has been up to. The Doctor, finding that the information he sought was incomplete, sets course for Volox against Landon’s vehement protests. The information which the Doctor sought was what had happened to the final human colony in existence shortly before it was destroyed and mankind became extinct. This information was forbidden by Rassilon himself. And, unbeknownst to the Doctor, the Time Lords are watching him.

On the planet Volox, the Doctor and companions find a wrecked colony ship, a sun that seems to be dying, and generally a world waiting to die. Inside the colony ship, we find Garrek, Alon, and Eve desperately planning a last-ditch attempt to fight off an expected attack. The plan is hopeless, for they have no resources.

As the Doctor and companions begin to explore, they find a colonist, locked up in her hovel, awaiting with dread a time called Harvest.

As the Doctor continues to explore, we observe that the Time Lords continue to watch the renegade and they determine that the Doctor can not be allowed to interfere with the natural course of events that are about to take place. And that, if he attempts to interfere, his life must be terminated.

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