Matthew Chambers Series

From The Ashes

From The Ashes
Written by DWAD

Episode 201

Season 41 – Production code 14DWA201

Two runaways, Bess and Joan, flee into the forest, where they encounter a traveling troupe of players led by local landowner’s daughter Mary Arden. This place of sanctuary is full of creativity and opportunity, but there’s more to Mary’s “lessons” than meets the eye. Does she truly only want the best for everyone, as she claims?

Timaeus is an angry centaur. He has been used and mistreated, and he wants justice. Armed with his bow and arrows, he plans to stop his enemy, if only his target wasn’t so elusive. But does he know where to draw the line or will there be blood on his hands?

The Doctor has come to the 16th century on the lookout for a legendary bird, the phoenix. Yet he’s barely out of the TARDIS when he gets caught up in Timaeus’ plot for revenge, Mary’s quest for betterment, and the lives of the troupe members. To save everyone from the dangerous machinations of an old enemy hiding in the trees, the Doctor will need all the help he can get, especially that of his latest travelling companion, Crackers the parrot.

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