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The Sign of Mercy

Written by DWAD

Rouen, France. 1916.

The doctors and nurses of No. 5 General field hospital did what they could to patch up the wounded and get them back to the front line. It was a place Nurse Millie Foley thought she could do some good and contribute to the war effort, where Private Fergus McNish thought his troubled life would surely end after being wounded in action, and where Major Edgar Rankin was secretly glad to have been posted, feeling safer away from the fighting.

When Corporal James Rutherford is injured, he is tended to by the kind Nurse Foley and a mysterious and often insubordinate Doctor. But it is the strange Lady in White who tries to soothe Rutherford’s ills and wishes to show him the ultimate act of mercy. She claims he has one day left to live, but that can’t be right, can it? Only the Lady in White can see his true pain, and only he can see her.

With his TARDIS missing, presumed stolen, and limited assistance from a field hospital unwilling to believe in these ethereal beings that only the dying can see, the Doctor must discover the truth behind the Ladies in White—an opponent even he can’t perceive—soon, or humanity will face a conflict that could eclipse even the horrors of the Great War…


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