The Voice of Reason

The universe is full of darkness and pain. Whether it is the cruelty of a tyrant, the peril of an invasion force, or the injustice of a murderer getting away with their crime, life can be hard and unfair. But there is a force for good out there, fighting against these threats to our continued existence. They are making the universe a better place. Not simply vigilantes doing what the law cannot, they are giving people the chance to improve their lives and be better. Their influence is spreading and soon, everyone will have heard the Voice of Reason.

The Doctor isn’t convinced that the Voice of Reason is the benevolent force they claim to be, but what can he do when the universe won’t listen to him anymore? He’ll need all the help he can get, but how can he be sure who to trust?

Celebrating 40 years of The Doctor Who Audio Dramas


Everlasting Films is a group of professional, semi-professional, and amateur actors who have been making The Doctor Who Audio Dramas since 1982. These productions are downloaded for free over the internet. We average thousands of episodes downloaded each month. (More than a million episodes have been downloaded.) If you want to get your voice heard, this is the place to do it.

We are currently holding an open casting call for voice actors for our next production, The Voice of Reason.

Audition guidelines:

Please read these guidelines. They will give important information on how to correctly submit an audition. Part of your audition is to see if you can follow directions, so we do look for correctly packaged submissions.

  • Auditions shall be submitted either as a high-quality mp3 file (no wav formats please!) which we will download from your web space or sent to us through e-mail. Submit auditions to 
  • We are happy to pay you for some of the larger roles.  The BBC doesn’t like us to do that, but this way you can list the role as a professional credit.  If you want to be paid for your role, label the subject of your e-mail as DOCTOR WHO CASTING.  If you wish to forgo pay, list the subject of your e-mail DOCTOR WHO AUDITION.
  • You must have a good quality microphone and a good sound card. Record one second of silence with the microphone turned on before beginning your lines (for noise reduction purposes). Files are to be submitted in 16-bit, 44100 Hz, 128 Kbps, mono, or as close as you can get to that. We try to be as flexible as possible. If your software doesn’t have those exact parameters, choose a higher quality rather than a lower one. If you have any questions regarding how to do any of this, please do not hesitate to ask. We know a lot of people are unfamiliar with this aspect of their computers, and we are willing to help. If your software doesn’t do mp3, choose another compressed format like wma or ogg.  Do NOT send wav files. Those are insanely big.
  • Please label your audition file as “<Character name> – <Your name>” so we can easily figure out who belongs to what. Your name is your actual name, not your internet nick or e-mail name. Stage names are fine, but please look professional. One word names or silly names will be rejected.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to “audition” your own recordings before sending them in. Many auditions are being sent back because of technical problems. (Distortion, background noise, hiss, and echo are the biggest problems.) By listening to your own sound files, you can find and correct these problems before sending them in. For some basic help in avoiding some of the more common problems, please visit out technical page at
  • Those selected will be required to record their lines using their own equipment and submit them by a deadline, as well as be available to quickly re-record any lines deemed necessary by the director. Please do not audition if you are not able to meet this commitment. Nothing is more frustrating than someone taking a role and then not following through with it.
  • Please note that we acknowledge all auditions and everyone who auditioned will be told whether they got the role or not. (Being actors ourselves, we always hated being kept in limbo.) So if your audition isn’t acknowledged, something happened and we didn’t receive it. If we’ve received your audition and you still haven’t received an e-mail telling you the results, you’re still in the running. If more than one week has gone by since auditions closed, you should have had an answer by then. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask. It doesn’t bother us, and sometimes it’s true that some internet black hole eats e-mail messages.
  • If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to We will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your interest in The Doctor Who Audio Dramas. Auditioning is not hard and we are happy to give new actors the chance to develop their skills as well as typecast actors the opportunity to break out of the mold.

We look forward to working with you!

The following are the open roles for our current audition. Gender is indicated if a specific gender is required, otherwise the role is gender neutral and anyone can audition for that role. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of lines the character has. Please note that, while we do our best to describe characters to give you as much background to go on as we can, we do have fans who read through these audition notices, so we have to hold back to prevent spoilers from leaking out. If you need more information for a character, please feel free to ask.

In the case of child characters (both male as well as female), females should consider auditioning for these types of roles as well regardless of the character\s gender. Females have the ability to sound pre-pubesent no matter what their age, and many male child characters are voiced by females in animation.

Voice actors who have multiple voices in their repertoire are encouraged to give a sample of each in addition to their audition. We may offer you multiple roles if your voices are identifiable different from each other.

British Isle accent is preferred, though we will accept any accent. Roles which require a specific accent are noted.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate in the slightest to ask.  E-mail:

Sometimes there are several unlisted roles which have only a couple of lines. For those chosen, we may assign you one of these small characters to play as well. Welcome to the world of voice acting!

Please audition for any role you would prefer. At times, we may offer you a role which you did not audition for if we feel your voice/style better suits that role. If you do not wish to be considered for roles you did not audition for, please make a note of that for us. If you do not tell us, we will consider you first for the role you auditioned for, and then for other roles if you’re preferred choices are unavailable.

Demos: Please do not send generic demos for auditions. We know how tedious it can be to do custom auditions, especially for professional actors who do a lot of auditions every day. But we need to hear you in our specific character using the equipment you intend to use if you get the role.

The following are the sides to be read for your audition. Please read only your lines. Additional lines are provided for context.

Character (Number in () is # of lines)Audition LinesPay (if any)
Avril – F, 20s strong young woman looking for answers following her brother’s murder. Broken down by the injustices of her world, she feels very alone and is trying not to let it show. Kind-hearted but being overwhelmed by her grief. (10)AVRIL: (starting to get upset) They can’t get away with this. I sat back before, let them flout the rules when it suited them and said nothing but now… Jeremy’s gone.$5
Bartholomew – M, 40s/50s landowner on a medieval planet. Brusque and questionable landlord who feels affronted (27)BARTHOLOMEW: No need, good sir. Pray tell, are you as good with a horse as you are at attacking the Archlord’s guards?$5
Bijou – F, 30s sturdy colonist manning the barricade against a feral enemy. Strong-willed and resilient, she is willing to make the difficult decisions to protect her home. A soldier in skills if not mentality. A good person put in a tough position. (19)BIJOU: The Doctor and Tasha were right! Astrovar can be ours, if we work with the Fangra, not shoot them.$5
Child (any) a young child in awe of the Voice of Reason. (2)CHILD: Stop! Thief!No pay
Freddie (F, 40s) a brilliant scientist who has barely survived a war and will do anything to prevent another. Hard-hearted because she has to be. The top of her field, she’s well-respected and would’ve been world-renowned in peacetime. Firm but fair. (31)FREDDIE: We picked up your arrival instantly. The signal’s coming from her. She’s one of them, even if she doesn’t have the outer shell. Kill her.$7
Guard (M, 30s) a guard protecting a hall on a medieval world. Superstitious and over-reliant on his spear. (3)GUARD: Submit or I will send you back to whatever wretched realm you came from by force!No pay
Sarah (F, adult) Strong-willed and capable, she travels in time on her own and fights injustice. Works to a similar ethos to the Doctor, but more willing to make harder choices. Feisty and keen to push boundaries. (103)SARAH: I haven’t met this version of you before, but – how to put this delicately? You’re hard to miss.$10
Laura (F, 20s/30s) a Land Girl from the Second World War. Trying to be brave, innocent and not used to the stranger side of life. She has a big heart and always does what she thinks is right. Perhaps overcompensates to make a good impression. Middle class. (141)LAURA: We got into the City, and as much as it looked huge from the outside, it was even bigger on the inside.$10
Lenore (F, 40s) representative of the Voice of Reason. Clinical and practical, she is sinister in her pragmatism. Capable and calculating, her priority is promoting the Voice’s message and will stop at nothing to succeed. Rich, powerful voice, preferably posh sounding. (78)LENORE: Report. Padacha Pacha has heard the Voice of Reason. Engaging Stage 2 agents.$10
MacIntyre (M, 30s) representative of the Voice of Reason. Strong man who firmly believes everything he says. Threatening and not afraid of throwing his weight around. Lurking in the shadows, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. (25)MACINTYRE: Rogue element traced. You are the human named Christine. Confirm?$5
Oveem (F, 30s) resident of a futuristic colony. Scared but not a coward. Softly-spoken covering a steely determination to survive. (17)OVEEM
We have to stop them! They can’t have our world!
Pargiter (M, 40s) likes to think he’s the best leader but he’s a cruel tyrant who punishes his people on a whim. Power is more important than anything else. A bully trying to present as a hero. Speaks kindly until challenged, after which he snaps and is aggressive. (17)PARGITER: It has been brought to my attention that rebellious elements have infiltrated our great city-state. This will not be tolerated. Do I not give you everything you could want?$5
Rok-Don (M, 30s) an inhabitant of a militant alien world who believes the Voice of Reason. Weak-willed and quick to anger. Working class. (17)ROK-DON: (video; excited) I am Rok-Don and I have heard the Voice of Reason.$5
Samantha (F, 16) Royal blood, will be ruler someday, but unsure of herself and feels unworthy. (127)SAMANTHA: You are trying to reverse the process, but there is no way back. You know this to be true. You’ve met the Cybermen before.$10
VanMorris: (F, 50s) dishevelled factory worker with a suspicious attitude. Only just alive and desperate to stay that way. Witch-like. (15)VANMORRIS: (doubtful) Ay, it happens. You don’t look like yous from around here. Them clothes pristine.$5
Vyron: (Any gender, adult) Supplicant of the Voice (4)VYRON: The people of Um’qa do not need to be saved. We have heard the Voice.No pay
Youssef (M, 30s) an inhabitant of a war-torn country. Sick of being scared and desperate to protect his family. Sensible and proud but running out of other options. Trying to maintain a pretence of control and stop his voice breaking from stress. (10)YOUSSEF
There was… an explosion… my family… please… still trapped…

Audition closes: Monday, December 20 at 10 AM PST
Lines will be due Monday, January 24, 2022
Expected completion date: Mid 2022

Last updated: Sunday, December 19, 2021