Rachel Sommers

Fifteen years old. Born in mid-thirteenth century England, she is the only child of peasant-class parents. She did not know her father as he was killed while she was still a baby. Her mother died when Christine was nine from one of the many plagues that swept across Europe.

Red hair, blue eyes, of average intelligence, but uneducated and illiterate. She accepted that her lot in life was that of perpetual serfdom to a local lord; such was the way things were done - the lords ruled, the peasants served. There was no class mobility in the thirteenth century; those born peasants remained such all their days.

Life was hard for Christine, but she adapted. She is a survivor. Her social position did not endow upon her any sort of self-esteem, so she is quite humble. She doesn't recognise that even her very survival is testimony to a strong spirit and resourcefulness on her part. Given a chance, though, Christine could blossom into an intelligent, beautiful young woman.

Christine carries with her the superstitions of her day. Although the Doctor tries to convince her that many things can be explained scientifically, she still holds to many of the beliefs that she has grown up with. As such, Christine is somewhat claustrophobic when it comes to caves and other closed in, underground structures, believing that such places are haunted by “the souls who were lost in the great dungeons”.