Robin "Robbie" Peterson
Shawnie Miles

Robbie is a 25 year old human female from early 21st century London.  Her father was a career military man and her mother was a stay-at-home mother.  Her family was very traditional, very conservative.  Robbie, however, did not follow that road.  She graduated from University with her degree in one hand and her ideals in the other.  Wanting to make the world a better place, she took a job with the United Nations.  Given her background, they placed her in the office of Military Liaison, the office which acted as a go-between with the UN and various military organisations.  She excelled at her job as she held many of the same ideals that career UN politicians and bureaucrats held.  Robbie, however, found the job to be difficult and unrewarding as she has been unable to affect the change she thought was needed by the stuffy and all-too-ridged military she often encountered.  Nevertheless, she was promoted and eventually made liaison between the UN and the Unified Intelligence Taskforce Ė Britain Branch.  It was there she met the Doctor and began to travel with him.

Robbie tends to see things in black and white.  Either something is right or it is not.  And if it isnít right, it must be changed.  She is too young and idealistic to see that life is more about greys and that her way may not always be the best way.  But she has a very good heart, is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good, and truly has the best interest of others in mind.  Nevertheless, she can become frustrated when things are not working they way she thinks they should work, and can sometimes find herself at odds with the Doctor when she does not think he is acting the way she thinks he should act.

Robbie dislikes being called Robin.  She feels it is too feminine, yet she definitely has her feminine side.  She likes doors being held open for her, likes being taken to dinner, and generally has all the expectations of a proper young lady, likely the result of her conservative, traditional upbringing.  These she has no trouble keeping.  She will rebel, however, when sometime tries to denigrate her because of her gender, thus speaking of her more liberal philosophy.

Overall, Robbie can be headstrong yet stalwart.  She stands her ground for her beliefs, naive though sometimes they are, but is honest enough to accept (eventually) when she is wrong.