R. Douglas Barbieri Series

Empire of Dirt

Written by DWAD

Episode 194

Season 39 – Production code 14DWA194

Written by Jay Bishop-Thompson

Georgie doesn’t belong in Victorian high society. She doesn’t know how to talk to her new friends and her social graces are slowly turning into barbed comments. But she still takes tea and discusses the neighbours because she has to fit in. The Doctor said so – she’s on an important mission: to infiltrate a select group of friends that are secret occultists who have stumbled onto a deadly entity on the periphery of this dimension.

Antoine doesn’t belong with all of the urchins. He can’t stand their dirtiness and accents. Since he doesn’t fit up the chimneys, he spends his days trying to pick out valuables from the swill left behind. But he has to fit in as well. The Doctor said so – he’s also on an important mission: to track down the horribly mutated creature scavenging the sewers for its next meal.

The Doctor loves it. Ever since the Tardis abandoned them on the outskirts of London in 1867, he has been so very happy tending to a small allotment, growing vegetables in peace. He’s made friends, even has a lady taking interest in him. He’s fitting in. He’s on a mission too: to have fun. Except he soon gets drawn into a murder mystery, people going missing and supposed sabotage on the allotment.

All while the Loringa grows stronger, deep underground. It has created an intricate web underneath the city, one large enough to pull it all down. But with the travellers distracted with smaller issues, will they discover the truth and save London from a premature burial?

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