Jeffrey Coburn Series

Fictional Hypothesis

Written by DWAD

Episode 141

Season 29 – Production code 20D6

Written by Sarah G. Hadley

“I’m convinced, Mark. It seems that we have somehow slipped into an alternate universe.”

“Are you sure?”

“Either that or we just fell through the looking-glass.”

The Doctor and Mark have come to Washington D.C., circa 2013, for a spot of lunch and a look at the sights. What they find is something quite different…

“I can do anything I desire. I can create buildings, I can pass laws…”

“Yes, and I imagine, if you wanted to, you could make a chorus line of Daleks wearing hula skirts and dancing the conga! Oh, come on man, don’t you want to escape?”

The Doctor and Mark have been trapped by a criminal with tremendous power enough to create his own universe. He has everything he could ever want…except someone to share it all with.

“No, Doctor. You and your companion will stay with me…forever.”

Will the Doctor convince their captor to let them go? Or will the timelord and his companion go insane from tests challenging their fantasies, their guilt, their fear, and their mind?

Running time 36 minutes

Part one
Part two

mp3 Part 1 Part 2

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