Jym DeNatale Series

The Soulstealers

Written by DWAD

Episode 157

Season 32 – Production code 16E2

Written by Shelly Dean

As the space shuttle Endevour floats high above the Earth, a strange satilite enters orbit. Once the satellite is brought back to Earth, the shuttle astronauts begin to die sudden, mysterious deaths, their lifeless bodies turning into souless monsters bent on destruction.

To try and discover what may be causing these mysterious deaths, the satellite is taken to EarthFire III, a revolutionary energy plant with state of the art research facilities. But the director of the plant seems more interested in the satellite and its contents than what he is letting on. And an unholy allience is struck between the occupants of the satellite and a U.S. Senator. All in the name of advancing a political agenda…or so the Senator thinks.

What plans do the strange entities have for Earth? Why are they trying to take over the three EarthFire stations? And can the Doctor stop them before all Earth is lost? Or is it already too late?

Running time 100 minutes

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

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