Matthew Chambers Series

Eye For An Eye

Written by DWAD

Episode 202

by Garth DeWitt

Zanzibiam Querell isn’t the sort of planet you want to get stuck on – a lesson the Doctor and Bess learn the hard way when the TARDIS, like so many spaceships before it, crash-lands there. Strange noises echo through the dark trees and they soon find themselves separated, forced to fend for themselves.

It doesn’t take long for the Doctor to team up with Esterk, an Ockenwii scientist with an unpleasant past. Together, they try to find a way off this inhospitable planet. But what is causing all these ships to crash? And with the TARDIS out of action, will they be trapped there for the rest of their lives?

The companion tries to help the desperate survivors of other crashes. Tensions are high and resources are low. When life in the camp goes from bad to worse, eyes turn to the newcomer, and with fewer and fewer people on her side, Bess is in danger of being a scapegoat for their troubles. 

As the Doctor learns the horrible truth about Zanzibiam Querell, Bess learns how far people are willing to go in order to survive, and all the while, something sinister is hiding in the shadows – something that will scare even the Doctor!

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