Arthur Vassar Series New Release

The Last Stand

Written by DWAD

The Yporene Vanguard are unstoppable. World after world has fallen to their onslaught. Millions have died. The last hope of stopping them lies with the crew of the Dondran. Except the ship was shot down, crashing on an asteroid in the Doffna Belt. Only five survived. They feel lost, alone, hopeless and scared. And to make matters worse, the siren call of the Melpomene is luring them out into the vacuum of space.

It’s a fight for survival for Bess when she finds herself stuck in the middle of a devastating alien warzone without the Doctor by her side. Teaming up with an unexpected ally, Bess must weigh up the cost of survival and make a decision that could drastically change both the future and the nature of her relationship with the Doctor forever. Because he doesn’t always make the right choices, does he?

For the war to end, history demands a sacrifice. Someone must stand and fight, and they will die for the greater good. Is it time for the Doctor to make his last stand?

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Part five

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