Matthew Chambers Series


Written by DWAD

Episode 196

Season 40 – Production code 11DWA196

The Kondor system. At the edge of human space, an unregulated mining colony where people come from across the galaxy to get rich quick. But things have changed. Now the system is under the control of the mysterious Vladek Corporation, who rule with an iron fist and seem intent on building an army. And they have the Doctor.

Georgie, alone and a long way from home, is left with no choice but to make an alliance with a pair of bounty hunters. To do the impossible and attempt to rescue the Doctor from the heavily armed clutches of the sinister corporation.

And other forces are drawing their plans against the Doctor and Georgie. Forces that want to draw the Time Lord into a conflict he may have no choice but to join. A conflict that may change his travels forever.

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